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Feb 10, 2011

Gumdrops and Cherry Pies

Okay, I didn't realize how much I missed him until I hung out with him after school today. He has been so busy with friends and school projects and drama and stuff, that he hasn't been able to see me after school for a while. Since Monday!!! Yes, it's years in girl standards! Especially if you like the guy, you know?! Yeah, I really really like him, although I discovered I have very weird quirks when I'm around him............Poor me.

OMG!!!! I paused writing for a lot of minutes to finish up my English essay.....It's about a news article important to me, so I chose "Netiquette" or  Internet manners. Ha...get it? I'm a blogger? ANYWAY!!! I am supposed to write a five paragraph essay and submit it on :D It gives you a holistic score out of 6. 5.2 is usually my range with this writing and stuff, so guess what I got on my essay?

And because I love it so much, I'll let you read my essay (If you want)
Word count is 936....

The Business of Us All

Many websites and businesses are promoting strong "Netiquette" or politeness over the computer. It's an easy way for computer users all over the internet to express their own opinions about a subject in a polite way without being personally attacked. When other users turn around and swear at someone just because they don't like a debate or an opinion, it just goes to show how messed up this internet world is becoming. The next generations to come will be living on the computer, never finding time to actually disconnect from the virtual world. Children are socially inactive because of their dependency on the computer and the internet life. They don't know how to act in public because they are in tune with using emoticons and abbreviations like "LOL" for laughing out loud. You don't normally say that in public. Of course, in this new life, we are going to be required to use technology to make life better, so Netiquette should be put into play. Computer users should not only know about the encouragement for internet politeness, but practice using Netiquette to make the internet a better place.

Using formalities through text improves your business opportunities. Let's start with the basics: most resumes are being written and sent in over computer. Businesses are improving their cooperation and financial situations by upgrading with technology. Of course, you could always send in your resumes the old-fashioned way, but nobody does that anymore. When you write a resume, you want to sound formal and do your best when trying to impress your future boss. Talking to someone as if they were right in front of you is one way to earn respect with your employers. Writing business letters and dealing with clients apply to the same set of guidelines. When you have racist, sexist, or impolite comments, you are basically telling people that you don't care about the business you are working for, and that can get you fired.

Being polite when you communicate with someone may impact your life later on. Once again going into formalities, a few examples of relationships-gone-bad may be something like entering chat rooms with a desire to swear up a storm at innocent users. Following the Netiquette rules for things like group discussions, E-mails, and Power-Points will get you a lot farther in life than you would think. Using vulgar language, insulting comments, advertising inappropriate or annoying ads, spreading lies, promoting SPAM or pirated software, or even posting up links to auctions will either get you kicked out of a group discussion or bring dislike down on you from every angle of the situation. With E-mails, people may find something insulting because you didn't make your point clear. You don't want to talk to a teacher or higher ranked official with the attitude of a five year old. Typing in all capital letters won't make the situation any more better anyway. Because when you meet them in person, you might be loathed by many. With virtual instant-messaging, whatever you say will be remembered by the opposite user, so use your words carefully. They might see you in person someday.

Kindness when using the computer for leisurely purposes just makes it easier to have a fun time. Facebook is a great example of this. Unless you are mentally bizarre, you won't virtually turn to a friend's facebook page and write mean things about them on their wall. "Johnny is a nose-picking freak!" You don't write that. That is basic Netiquette. Facebook has become so popular that it is important to realize that your life isn't Facebook, although people believe it to be. Would you insult someone to their face in reality? No, so why do it on Facebook? Most people believe it's because they can get away with it, since you aren't "Face-to-face" with someone, even though you're still telling them this. For example, there is a website called "". There you can share books and role play stories with other internet users who have an account. Within the website, you can email-message different users. For groups, you can send out a broadcasting message for updates on what the group is doing. I am in charge of a group, so I decided it would be exciting to do something like that. I sent out a group message about writing contests, and one user messaged me back, using vulgar language and ridiculous capital letters. She couldn't even spell the disfunctional swear words right. Of course, I thought this was rude of her to tell me that she didn't want these messages, so I politely messaged her back and tried to comfort her. I got nothing but heinous attitude and a discouraging spirit. There is nothing like someone telling you what to do and getting depressed from it. She continued to fight with me, and I knew immediately that I was done talking to her.

That would be a bad example of something you shouldn't do on the internet. It not only irritates other people, but it gets you nowhere with others. Cooperation is a big puzzle to solve with this technological world, and nobody can change what's coming. Netiquette online makes business ventures, communication, and relaxing freedom easy and impacting. That is why learning Netiquette should be encouraged and known to everyone around the world. The computer is a big part of our American culture now, and it is important for everyone to know how to be polite to one another. Without a peaceful world, comes fights that leads to wars and wars that leads to hate. We don't want this, that is my opinion.

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  1. Oh my freaking heck. You are a FRICKIN' GENIUS!!!! You are SUCH a FANTASTIC writer! See? See? I told you that you were a great writer! Ahh!!!! It's TOO GOOD! That is full of opinion. And yet, it isn't too stubborn. You express your opinion so BEAUTIFULLY!! Yes! You totally deserve that 6.0. DARG! That was SO GOOD!!! good. Delicious. :)


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