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Feb 5, 2011


I guess I don't know why I haven't been ambicious and posting every day, but I've been so busy or distracted lately. Computer isn't satisfying me any longer. I don't do much online. The only things I really do is Facebook, this, a little goodreads, gmail, and sometimes picnik when I'm bored. You know how sad that is? I don't believe in video games. So I'm sorta bored right now. I was sleeping all freaking day long too, so I have absolutely nothing to do. I also slept all day long today, so I'm not tired at all either. Oh and my wrist is in pain also.

So I'll start with Thursday: The day I got the flu. Haha so it was the 24 hour flu. You were scared for a minute, I could just sense it. But anyway, I was worried that might get in the way of Friday's plans, so I was sick all through school, and then threw up at home. I was sick while Parental friends came over and played games with all the kids. So I got to watch Avatar downstairs instead. I woke up all happy Friday morning though.

Guess what I did on Friday? My PE class went cross-country skiing. Which leads to a tragedy that has happened. Yes, so me, Kaylynn, and Drew all partied on the bus there, then we all tired ourselves out on the hard run the "Roller Coaster" bwahahah! I did this crazy biff into a snow bank while going down a hill way fast! There was a sharp turn I couldn't make and I flipped upside down into a snow bank. I lost my left hand pole and my ski. Another time I lost my ski into a deep ditch of ten foot snow, so Kaylynn had to retrieve it. I made her get it so that I could be SURE they weren't going to leave me. Haha....I'm so mean. Anyway, I fell another time while going on another turn, and just skidding on my butt. That was right before Kaylynn had to get my ski. Gee, I've got my stories all wrong. Oh well, bear with me anyway. So after I fell into the snow bank, Drew left us, and Kaylynn was pissed because she lost her ski as well. So Kaylynn and I skied back to the lodge to eat lunch and hopefully find Drew. He got their after us and we forgave him. Oh but the bus ride home was horrible for me. I was stuck on the end next to a bunch of *** **** **** **** ****** *** **** *** **** ** people next to me who threw up into a bag and threw it at each other. "Populars". I. Hate. Those. People. When we got off the bus, I was about to kiss the ground hello, but I didn't. Then I waited until 2:45 to see friends, and I sorta hoped my Bf would come walk me home like he usually does, but he didn't. It's okay though, I don't mind.....heh.

Anyway, yeah, so now its saturday and guess what? I'm feeling after effects of everythign that happened in the course of two days. I'm getting a cold from being in the snow all day. I pulled a ligament in my left wrist from the crash into the snow. My muscles are all sore from the hiking. And I'm so flipping tired from a week of sleep deprivation. All in all, today sucks.

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