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Feb 16, 2011

The Week of a Busy Woman

I'd hardly call myself a woman, but I have great news! My wrist doesn't hurt nearly as bad anymore, so I'm taking the stupid wrap off and celebrating my freedom of gauze-y prisons. At the same time, today I won't be home until late, since I'm going ice-skating with my best friend and boyfriend. It's her birthday today. Yes. Kaylynn's. I'm pretty excited. I mean, I already got her a present, a book called "The Clockwork Angel" at christmas time, but I feel like I need to get her something else. Because an iTunes card was her christmas present but I have them both to her early, so she's had her present from me for a while, but I still feel obligated to do something else....hmmm.....I don't have much time, considering I have twenty minutes before school starts. Think I could make biscuits in twenty minutes?

I'm not quite sure. Oh well. Then Thursday I'm going to see if I can get my group to start filming our German movie. Yeah, we have to do this German movie for a grade....and it's due Friday. :O no time whatsoever to finish it, and we're all screwed. It's just going to have to be late. Brett and I have to do podcast stuff for Biology anyway today, so it's going to be very very busy! Then Friday is when it's due and hopefully I won't have to go anywhere Friday night.......*Silently hopes* because I just want to stay home all night. I've been out a lot lately, and it's good to stay home for a while, that's how I see it. But if I stay home too long, then I want to get out more. So I need to balance this out finely.

The weekend is a long weekend too!!! And I have that long weekend to do homework and study for my European map test in Geography....kill me. Shoot me. I don't want to do it. Nope. Oh well, I have to. And it's for a good grade. BLAJFKLJDSOIAFJAL!!! That's how annoyed I am. I need to check my grades....bla.

Have I ever stressed how much I hate Skyward? Yes, it's a stupid program designed to make our grade checking and entering easier, but I think it's crap compared to Powerschool. Oh. Probably because it was made for ELEMENTARY. Bla! People in this world are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I kill them all. Well, if I could. Oh well, anway, I should continue talking of work, huh? But I don't really want to anymore. I've gotten what I wanted to say out, so I'm going to do just that. I'm going to sign off, also because it's sorta time for me to get ready to go to school. :P Love my readers!

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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