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Mar 28, 2011


It's what I've been waiting for! We are officially moving, and we have official approval for a house in Orem. I'm so psyched! I finally know where I'm going, and I don't have to worry anymore. We're moving out of this stinky house! I'm so so so excited! They just haven't told me which one it is was down to two. Hmm....I've seen one of them, but not the other...oh well. This is good news, I've already basically packed my whole room and have it all sitting in a little corner under my tall loft bed. :O Check it out!

Yes sir, that's my junk all condensed into boxes. You can't see them all, but there are 10 boxes, a big bowl chair, a curtain pole, three posters, a tennis racket, and yet to come: The clothes. So all in all, my room isn't that cluttered. I actually threw a lot of stuff away. It felt good to throw that kind of junk away, but at the same time, sad, because I'm unsure of when I'd need that stuff again. not that I touch it very often. I had to throw away my music box from when I was a little girl. It was hurtful.

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