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Mar 19, 2011


Yes, you guessed it. I'm obsessed with this awesome invention called "". Just like youtube, I worship it. You won't believe it, it comes in handy for any TV shows I'd want to watch. The Office is complete, that is, up to season 7, which is on DVD rather than Watch Instantly, and now I've started on Psych. It's so great! A guy who is hyper observant pretends he's Psychic and solves all these crimes. I'm in love with the main character, Shawn. He's pretty good looking, if you ask me, and hilarious. (Don't Worry, Jared Leto will never be beat in my mind.) Anyway, the next series I'll probably watch will be 30 Rock, because I was introduced to it by dear dear Brett, and my own cousin said she heard good things about it, so might as well, right? Psych, however, has 74 episodes or something like that, and they're all an hour long, so it's taking me quite a while to get through this. 

So how have I been? I sure haven't posted for a while, only because I've been lazy and uninspired, but tonight, I'm just going to take the 23 minutes I have left to tell you about how weird Mr. Earling is. I have him for World Civilizations B4, and European History A1. Now, Two different classes, two different citizenship grades, and two different genres. We're learning about World War II in European History now, and we're just barely getting our WWI "Trench Life" comic books back. We got to make our own comic books about how life in the Trenches during the war was like, so I made mine very gory and weird. Don't get me wrong, I got full points, but it's just what Mr. Earling said that makes me laugh so hard. He told the class, with me sitting right there, that mine was rated R and that he couldn't show it to the class. This same day, he tells us about a new assignment about WWII Propaganda posters that we get to create. He personally said "I wonder what Mindy's will look like," and laughed about it with the class.

He shouldn't have. >:-] 

Now I've made my poster a) Pro-Nazi and b) a scary, dehumanizing picture of the British with blood everywhere within the scene. How's about that, Mr. Earling? I can't wait to see his face, because I have a feeling this will also be rated R. Lass Sie Nicht In. Das Ist Die Letzte Kampf. It's alright though, because I'll show everyone before I turn it in, that way people won't have to be deprived from the awesomeness! It'll be great though, because I'm just showing him up. He wanted to be sexist. He said that no girl had ever been so gory, well, here I am  Mr. Earling. I'm proving how un-girly I am. What now? (Btw, the German meant, "Don't let them in, This is our last stand.")

That's the most exciting news I have to share, there's other complicated personal matters going on, but they'll just bore people. The usual, "I can't help them" sort of thing going out to all my friends who are having troubles is just another one of those problems. Something you won't care about, general reader. I do, however, worry that my Boyfriend doesn't care for the fact that I'm writing an awesome novel. He's never shown interest in it, always changes the subject when I bring it up, always just acknowledges it a little bit, and I don't think he's even envious of it at all. (I mean, why would he, right?) He just doesn't care. (It bugs me,) Because what girl doesn't want their boyfriend to never read or see their creations? NONE! Blah. Oh well. I'll get over it, it just Irks me. I also found out how to make his calls much shorter when I don't feel like talking to him. The key is for you to just run your mouth. Talk about something you KNOW he doesn't care about, like writing websites, and he'll cut it short by saying "Yeah, I have to go," and all you need to say is "Okay, that's fine."

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