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Mar 13, 2011

Sunday Power!!!

We got the entire front living room packed up, including fragile knick knacks, piano music, books, and pictures. All wall decorations came down today, and after my parents and their friends come back with food for me, we'll start on the living room and then pack up anything that needs to be packed downstairs. I think this is a good accomplishment, because for a while, it was pretty slow. I'm not sure exactly when we're moving, but we have to move. That's all I know, and I STILL don't know where we're moving, but it looks like it's going to be!!!! Moving isn't fun, but when you move, it tends to mean more fattening fast food meals. :P They're going to Carl's Jr. Haha...I hope my chicken sandwich isn't cold. If it is, I'll destroy them. End of story.

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