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Mar 10, 2011

Ode to Sunshine

Oh darling Sunshine, I welcome your liquid golden rays into my broken yard. For your light repairs all that is broken. I welcome you into my skin, to concoct a slight pink that will soon turn to freckles. Your brilliance on my face creates a desire I've always had since the first dark snowfall of last December. It has been a long three months, months full of depression and hardship, but as you do for the flowers and bees, you have repaired my emotions for today, and maybe for the week. Your stellar light fogs the darkness around me and brings out the happiness that has been lurking in my heart all winter. Sunshine, I have missed you, although you had been there a few times, you were too far away to touch my skin, until now. The early springtime activities makes for a radiant-coated. Already I hear the motorcyclists, and once you have slowly awoken the grass from its long hibernation, the mowers will come and trim them down. It is only a matter of time before I trim my own hair and let you tickle my neck. Your presence also means the closing of the school year, another great feat when battling the ugly homework demons. Ode to Sunshine, for you have created a new me. 

I believe the sun can do so much for you after a hard winter's season. This past winter has been one of the worst I have experienced, but I decided that I'm done sulking over it. I also don't want to sulk over the move. In fact: This sunshine has given me new confidence to write down what I wish to write. I will make a list of all the positives about moving away from this house.

  1. I will finally get away from those dreadful forest green walls that surround me every night. 
  2. The little toilets that always have problems will be forever GONE!
  3. I will have a new dishwasher, instead of having to wash dishes by hand now. Hallelujah!!!
  4. The yard hopefully won't be nearly as big as our current one, and it might be fenced in!
  5. Although I really like the kitchen, maybe if a bigger kitchen were in store, I'd be even happier.
  6. (No offense,) I will be free from the annoying Young Womens and Mormon neighborhood!!!
  7. My closet might be better, or I might be able to paint walls? 
  8. If we do move to American Fork, I'll still be able to go to AFHS
  9. I won't have to walk the same way over and over anymore! 
  10. We might have even MORE windows! 
  11. Hopefully we get a new refrigerator!
  12. A new Microwave!
  13. (Only a hope) I want a bathroom with my Bedroom....
  14. The Garage door will work in the new house!
  15. We'll be getting rid of a lot of stuff now, like junk and things we don't need anymore!
  16. An actual office for the computer!
  17. Just a new place to dwell in and get used to it. 
  18. Probably a slightly bigger room?
  19. A chance to by different decorations for our walls?
  20. More holes to make in the new house!!! (Nail wise)
  21. Maybe a less pricier heating cost! Or AC, whichever!
  22. A Fairly nice neighborhood that will leave us alone...religion wise.
  23. New Neighbors?
 That's all folks, but it's enough for me. As long as I dwell on these positive aspects, rather than the negative aspects, I'll be fine with the move. Of course, if I don't go to AFHS, it will be hard, but I'll still use this list to get through the hard times...all except number eight. ^^


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  1. I really really really really really really like it! you are so inspiring!


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