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Mar 4, 2011

Stupid Mr. Earling...

So today has been a fairly good day despite the moving news: well, all through to lunch, then fourth period and later sucked. So first of all, I came to school with a yellow line on my cheek I didn't catch this morning while applying makeup (Don't ask why...) and so I made my friend Drew draw a sun on my cheek in yellow, covering up the yellow line. Mr. Smith today in math called me "Sunshine". Anyway, Teen Living dragged on pretty long, but it was an interesting topic (Sort of) and I was okay with it. The only thing was that we made these "Dating Licenses" and it's just....I mean, It shouldn't bother me, and I should expect it when living in a mormon community, but it said "Legal on your Sixteenth Birthday". Because all mormons believe in not dating until you are strictly sixteen. I think it's dumb, and I think it shouldn't apply to school activities, because school and religion shouldn't cross with that sort of thing. I don't know, I'm over-reacting...because you know, it's insulting to me, at fifteen, when I have a, forget it.

Second period was PE, and we went to the American Fork Recreation Center for our last day of doing it three days in a row. I already did the dreaded cycling (Phew) and Racquetball, so I had to do was steps, like the step up thingies, yeah that. It was so hot and tiring, and I just didn't have any fun, but I kept up a fun environment for my friends around me, (I hope). I hated it though. It was just as bad as cycling.

Third period was the same. Said hello to Ryan Bart, listened to Mr. Smith's lecture, and understood most of what we learned, although we're back to doing proofs again....shoot me.

Lunch was the same...I guess I don't really like second lunch because I can't see any of my friends except Breanne. No one else. It's lame...and then my friend Spencer had to do lunch work for tossing a napkin towards Breanne.

Here's where my day sucked: I get to Geography, and apparently Mr. Earling isn't very...perky today. Well, he's handing out papers and telling us what to do, so me and my friend Dustin continue our three-day old game of Dots. Ha. We pass the paper like five times back and forth when Earling stomps over and takes our paper, then says for both of us to go out into the hallway. So me and Dustin sit in the hallway and just sit there. Two teachers walked by and we talked to them too. Then Earling came out, "That was not funny." Dustin said, "Can we have our game back?" and then he retorted, "No. I'm taking it away so you can't play it. Go inside and do the paper." I said, "Oh...I thought we could stay out here?" then he snapped, "No."
Dude, that wasn't nearly as bad as the girls at the opposite end of the room who talks and interrupts and passes notes all the time. I got my citizenship grade lowered and our game taken away. That thing took us three days to get only HALF way through!!! Geez! It was epic too....

Oh then I come home and learn that my brothers are going to have ten little boys, including Eric and Tyler and Ryan...and I had to man the Relay Races and Race Tournaments. BLECH. I hate little boy parties. Thankfully they're leaving at six....Soon, blogging world, soon.

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