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Jun 9, 2011

Brett should really read this post, and if not...Original Title: Party Time!

I've been wanting to write a blog post for a while now, but every time I open up a new post to write, my words get caught in my throat and I don't know what I want to write about. In other words: I'm getting distracted too often and am developing a minuscule case of writer's block. Naturally I could go on and on about something that doesn't matter to my readers, but today I feel like writing something either very hilarious that would truly make your day, or something serious that would open up the eyes of my readers to something important. I know I'm no good with the latter, nor am I very talented when it comes to writing humor, so I'll force myself to move on to my plans for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Friday, and Friday's are always good days. You know why? For one, Kaylynn told me that Friday's are good days to die on, and secondly, you can have all the parties you want, even during the school year. It's summer though, so we can have all the time in the world. I'm inviting a ton of friends. I'm too lazy to count them out, but I'm sure it's over three. :P

Just like RMS (Random Music Spasms from hundreds of posts ago) I have created a new term to put in the Dictionary of Mindy.

Impenduiciouspectacular - So awesome that you don't have a word for it until now.
Pronounced (Im*pend*oo*ish*us*peck*tack*you*ler)


Awesomazizaliciousness had been lost on me for a while, but it came back to me when I suddenly discovered Impenduiciouspectacular. Wow. I can type that word as fast as my average typing speed. I'm so good!

Oh. The sudden change of subject from party to magical words isn't irrelevant to my blog post. In fact, Impenduiciouspectacular is a word I used in my invitation for my party. Let me quote myself:

"Impenduisciouspectacular Pajama Movie Party!!!"

Ta da! It should be pretty fun! I'll have popcorn and pizza, and whatever Kaylynn decides is fit to bring...I sorta forgot to make cookies, but oh well. I'll have blankets and pillows and awesome movies that i still need to look for! Thanks for the reminder internal rant! We'll all have pajamas and socks and have fun as a group of friends....Brett...I must contact you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he doesn't see this today, I will call him when I get back from swimming with my OTHER best friend Kaeli!!!! :D I love her. So yeah, the party doesn't seem all that, but it's about the people who will be here that matters the most. :D Yep.

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