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Jun 4, 2011

Summer Time!

What time is it? Summer time!

Haha, Drew and Kaylynn continuously sang that while we waited in lines at Lagoon. Yes, we went to Lagoon. Freshmen did. It was so exciting. I hadn't been there since I was like five or six, so I never really remembered things like Collosus or Wild Mouse or whatever. I was too young to even go on Rickety, so I had a blast on the roller coasters and waiting in line with my two besties! I mean, considering that Kaylynn's arms are enclosed in casts, both of them, she did pretty well. Until her elbows hurt, which I felt bad about. Ah well. Nothing I can do. Anyway, today I'm going to Seven Peaks. WHOOT!!! Good day huh? :D Yes, very good day. I would invite Kaylynn...but once again...casts....they can't get wet. Grr. BleajfkdljiodasdjnmfinsDIj!!!!

Sigh. That didn't come from me. Anyway, I cried on my way home from Lagoon, and on my way home from the school from Lagoon. Thursday was my very last day of junior high. I will never have to go to that school again and sit in those desks and deal with the unnecessary drama....except for a friend whom doesn't want to see Kaylynn. That's a whole other blog post for the future though. I'm excited that school is finally out, but at the same time, my skin tingles with the knowledge of on-coming sunburns, and my stomach is churning at the horrible idea of ice cream all the time. Dear me. However my body does like it's new bikini! :D excitement! Haha okay, so I'm really weird. Don't mind me.

I'm really restless right now. I'm in my swim suit as we's 10:02 AM, and we aren't going until 3 PM. A little concerned are you? I would be too. I'm just too excited! I haven't been to Seven Peaks in a while, and now that I got my pass of all passes, I can totally go as much as I want! AHHH!! I'm supa excited! My friends even have some passes. How cool is that????

Yep! So, anyway, I'll talk to ya later! BBYYYEEE!

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