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Jun 18, 2011

Open Your Eyes World

Society decides the rights and wrongs of this life. How odd that we, as individual people, let it control our lives. We live by the expectations that leaders above us set. We are monkeys doing everything that everyone else does. It's the same revolving pattern, always cycling, never ending. When someone says that humans are habitual creatures, they are certainly right. We go to work every morning, drinking a beverage every morning, try to go jogging every morning, sleep every night, and then wake up every morning to start the cycle over again. Sometimes there are people out there who will stand up and do something new. Maybe begin a new sport, like rock climbing, or do more things past eleven at night.

Or maybe discovering a new way to live. Everyone is married; woman to man. Everyone has sex after they're married; man to woman. Today, people are discovering that whatever feels natural to them, they should pursue. Gay marriages are showing up everywhere, but there are some close-minded people out there who are trying to fight against it. What's the harm in letting people marry man to man? It won't bother your own sheltered families. Sure, it means a lot less converting to the church, but just as the Roman Catholic church had been, religion is slowly beginning to control society. Polygamists have a hard time living in this world, despite them actually being religious and following their churches, because it's DIFFERENT from what people who consider themselves "normal" sees. Teenage sex isn't bad, as long as they are careful and know what they are doing. It isn't "wrong" unless you make it wrong. They are just curious, and wonder what the world has to offer when they are adults. Adults who aren't married have sex as well, and people decide that it is perfectly wrong to do so, even though they are adults and know what they want and what they do to be careful. Adults who have sex even after marriage, but with full consent of their spouse is called polyamory. It's beginning to sprout up everywhere, even though not many sheltered people in especially Utah may not know that.

There will always be new things that come up. People will always find new ways to live their lives and be their own person. No one can look at something and say it's "wrong" when they haven't tried it themselves. Until you know what it feels like, natural or unnatural, people need to open their minds and look at the world with a new outlook. None of this brainwash shit that everyone belonging to some sort of church is going through. You can still have religion in your life, but people take it a little too far. It's become a major aspect in your life, when it's merely to bring comfort to you when you see phenomenal things and explain things that couldn't be explained scientifically. It's to bring warmth in your heart when you are down, and to follow life-lessons that should only be achieved without serious judgment or entire life changes. It's there to guide you when you stray too far off course. It's not there to control your life and tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

You wonder why you get sick of church sometimes.

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