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Jun 24, 2011

Intense Summer Heat

Okay listen up folks. I am going to describe to you the spirit degrader of summer.

The heat.

Basically my house becomes so hot in the mornings, despite having all the windows and blinds closed, that I sit at the computer, TRYING to write, when I keep having to wipe away sweat every five minutes. This is maddening! I know that AC costs money, but mom said I can turn it on around eleven....except that I forget to do it and then I remember at noon and by then it's already too late. You see how hopeless I am?! I mean, it's so hot that the butter is nearly a puddle of fat.

It's this heat. It is the heat that is distracting me from my writing. I feel lethargic and tired instead, and I ended up falling asleep when I had a pretty good night's sleep last night. You know how frustrating that it? And then going outside doesn't help, because I'll be drenched in sweat in ten short minutes of standing out there. Suddenly I am thankful for the pool, yet unthankful for certain times of the month when I WANT to go to the pool. >:| They say this summer wasn't nearly as hot as other summers, but damn it! It's sooooo hot!!!!! I want to throw water on myself right now. I want otterpops.

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