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Jun 20, 2011

Stars Don't Fall Update from Little-Miss-Author

Okay, so as my readers know, I'm pretty much writing a book. Well! I finished chapter 26, sat down in my soft chair, pulled the notebook on my lap, and something hit me. The second book to the Fantasy Roleplay trilogy!!!

Really guys. I'm serious. I came up with this big plot for my second book, so now I can't write fast enough to get to it. You guys wanna know what it is? Yes you do.

So basically I'll be giving away the end of my current book....shit. Nevermind. I don't wanna do that! Now what do I write???

Nah I'll just tell you.

Wvern had been destroyed, along with all of its simple technologies. Syrusses is the new ruler of the planet Curzonin with McKenzie as his queen. Syrusses's own hostages escape into the wilderness of Curzonin and experience new challenges they had never faced before: violent animals, ashy rain, and volcanic terrain. Alyshia nearly gives up leading her friends until they discover an abandoned village. They used it as a rest stop, only to discover a girl close to their age who captures all their hearts. They turn around and begin a rebellion to over take Syrusses's capitol city while he was still weak without an army.
Victory feels likely this time. 

And then for a third book, Cyran and McKenzie and them all rebuild Curzonin and use the sword to change the features so it's sort of like Wvern again, and they create a new kingdom and stuff, but the sword is being overloaded with power and is going haywire, and it creates this big monster that threatens to destroy all life on the planet, and then they have to ask Syrusses to help them out, even though they put him in a dungeon a while back, because Syrusses is the only one who may know how to destroy the sword and the monster, and find a new way to keep the planet's life source from dying off without the sword.

It was quite a short period of time to come up with it, but it's only because I had a dream a few months ago. I'll describe it to you:

Something happens to earth where quite a few people die, nearly the whole world, and only a few people had the opportunity to get aboard a spaceship and fly to anew world. Just before they get there,t he ships mess up and they crash land in an undestined planet, scattering people all over the big world. Few survive and moved to high ground from the weird conditions of the planet. From there they and settled and mated, but birth was rare on the planet from weird gases floating in the air.

From there, there is a girl who is left alone at her village just before others were supposed to come with a message. They had all mysteriously died in a rogue animal attack, but discovers something very human that suggests that the attack was human. Now, scared for her life, she fleas to the inside of her village's fortress and barricaded it. She doesn't want the other people to come for her either, so she hides, hoping the other will the traps she laid out. Then new people come along and decide to help her out and get past the booby traps.

I'm working on Chapter 27 as we speak. :D This is so exciting!!!! And you know, I have my entire story so far on my profile, if you're curious. I have a lot of readers who love it so much. ----> Profile

So anyway, there's a good update for ya. I'm pretty excited about this new idea that has come up. Super excited.

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