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Jun 23, 2011

Quesadillas Cannot Cook in Spall Pans

I say this because I attempted to cook full torillas smothered in cheese in a small frying pan. Now, the pan was probably an inch smaller than the area of the torilla, so I figured that I could do my best in letting it cook anyway, because it got most of where the cheese lay. That was when I discovered that quesadillas remind me of pie. Or at least this one.

You see, pies have filling. Quesadillas have filling. Pies are cut into triangles. Quesadillas are cut into triangles (If you do them right.). The problem with this logic, however, is the fact that pie is sweet and doesn't give you an after taste, while these gross store-bought torillas do. That's why you put as much cheese in it as you can to counteract the taste. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother with this post today.

I write this post today, because I do not want to work on Chapter 28 when I really need to. I don't, because I know that it has to be long. I have to, because it is the last chapter of part 2 and the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can crash. :( Sometimes writing a book has its perks, but sometimes it doesn't. I already had my break day (Yesterday) Because it's a Wednesday and Wednesdays aren't good days. So there. :|

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