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Jan 7, 2011

Staying Home From School

The day has been long and wasted away. Honestly, I feel like a sack of jell-o. Except for the part when I cooked....Oh ha. I should start from the beginning.

So my parents drove off to Las Vegas, leaving us in the dust with me babysitting all day until my aunt and uncle come by to spend the weekend with us. So I got to stay home because my little brother goes to Kindergarten at twelve thirty, and my parents are leaving before eleven. I was suppose to take him to school, but he didn't want to go, so I just kept him home with me and made cookies. It turned out great, because I made a doubled batch of chocolate chip-walnut cookies for my other three brothers. So afterwords, I just sat down on the computer and watched Fred, Charlie the Unicorn, and Julian Smith. Hmmm...remember how I said that I worshiped youtube? Yeah....

When my brothers came home, I got right down to the chores, telling them that they couldn't have cookies until they got all their chores down. It's working for the most part (They're cleaning right now) and besides, I figured that since I'm cooking all the dinners, breakfasts, lunches, and made them cookies, they can do the cleaning and I can clean my room in case people come to look through the house. My house is for sell, but it's been like that for the past six years, so it's not really thrilling each time someone comes to check out our house. It sounds like a date. Check out. Checking out. "Hey there, come CHECK OUT my house, it's pretty sexy."

Of topic. Anyway, my aunt and uncle will be out sort of late though, Brittina won't come until eight, so I have to babysit pretty much all day long. I'm planning on making them some Chicken Alfredo, since they liked that the last time I made it for them. They'll be happy boys. It's really good too, I learned it from cooking class. I am wearing a new black shirt today, and I'm psyched because I never got one thing on my shirt while baking today. You want to know how? I used an apron. Oh yeah, you're so jealous.

Well, I guess I can say I'm still in it, but the semester change is next week, so I WAS in foods class. Anyway, we cooked a lot in foods and learned a lot, and it's made me a lot more enthusiastic about cooking. I'm also excited because if I get a good grade on my test, I'll get my own apron that is like expensive and stuff, and it has the school logo on it. I'm so happy! Because I was using my mom's apron today, and I don't like the colors. But this apron will be black and red, and I'm just very very very excited. So what about you? Do you guys like aprons? I'm sure you do. :D Because that way you can look professional and a like a chef at the same time. You can flip pizza dough for people. BWAHAHAH.

My rant for today is done.

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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