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Jan 22, 2011

A Movie Critique?

Clash of the Titans. Good movie, I'd say. Although I've seen it quite a few times, I don't think it'd ever get completely old until a better, more awesome, Greek movie comes out. I just really like the Greek Mythology touch to everything. I like Greek Mythology in general. I mean, I know that the Greek gods aren't real and all, and that they were just a way to comfort war hungry people back then, but think about it: all the stories and things that evolved from that time period are what make up a little bit of our society today. Believe it or not, Greek architecture is what sky rocketed awesome looking buildings today. I think. That's just what I've learned. But anyway, I was talking about a movie, right?

So, don't read this if you haven't seen the movie: I liked it because they didn't turn it into a long, gushy romance. There wasn't one kiss in all of it, and that made me so so so happy! If you wanted to watch a romantic movie, get a chick flick or something, but don't ruin a perfectly good action movie for something like that. That's how I think about it. And of course, they changed things up with the story lines, compared to the original myths you hear all the time, but I still think it was really good. They might have had to change things up just so that the story could blend together well. I like the name Percy. I can't spell Percius....Perceus....Perceous....IDK!!! GAH!!!

But anyway, I got to see that last night with my boyfriend, which makes me  very happy because we got a couch all to ourselves. Yay! But anyway, those kind of things make me happy, although I don't know what positive thing DOESN'T make me happy....oh well.

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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