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Jan 23, 2011

At a Glance

So when you think about art, do you think about a painting, drawing, or sculpture? What if I told you that when I think about art, I think about nature and life? I think about all four actually. Photography is beautiful, but I can't take pictures of nature as much as I want with such a crappy camera. I draw, paint, or sculpt instead. I bet you're prepared for something amazing! Don't. I'm not good at all, but I thought It'd be cool for my readers to get to know what my art is like, just as my friend Brett lets his readers experience a whole new universe of poetry at The Soul of Winter. That's what I want to do by letting you view my very insignificant creations. Keep in mind, that with a look at someone's art, the need to be complimentary only goes so far. If it truly is amazing, just holler.

So the first four are my oil paintings. :D The last one is just something I put together and drew, along with the next few.

These pictures don't have very much "meanings" behind them, except for the last one. The heart repeatedly being stabbed. Yeah that one. I was sad that day and drew that. Yeah, well...don't dwell too much on that one. That's it for now, I'll put up my playdough creations later. :P

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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