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Jan 13, 2011

Homicide is the Answer

So Kaylynn posted a blog entry about this, but I am the one she got the idea from. You want the whole story? Yes, you do.

Once upon a time, in a geography class, not so far away, there sat four girls in a square next to each other. While the teacher was talking, they talked quietly amongst themselves. Something the teacher said, about oil slowly declining, set off the one called Breanne. She got sad and said she was going to kill herself before any oil things happened. So she told the girl named Kasey to kill her. Kasey said she doesn't kill, and that she is a good little mormon girl. The girl in front of Breanne, named Mindy, said "Oh Breanne! I am a very violent person, I will kill you!"
"Yay!" Breanne had cheered, "But I have to go to Disneyland first before I die.
The girl named Kirsten spoke up next. "We can go tomorrow! We will take plane tickets to Saudi Arabia, let Mindy marry that weird Frankincense man who sings to trees, then we can round over to California and ride a roller coast."
"Yes!" Mindy cheered, "Then I will saw off Breanne's buckles and let her fall to her doom when we loop upside down."
"But wait." Kasey spoke up, "Wouldn't it be easier to just kill yourself?" She asked Breanne.
Breanne began to shake her head, but Mindy spoke up again. "Wait! Everyone knows you won't go to heaven if you kill yourself. Suicide will make you go to hell, that is why homicide is always the answer!!!"
"Yes! Homicide!" Breanne cheered.
"It is settled then, I will become Muslim after I marry the Indian man, and then become a terrorist who will, after sawing off Breanne's buckle with a butcher knife, blow up the roller coaster and get shot by an angry obese man. There goes Mickey!"
"YAY!" All four cheered.


The end.
Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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