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Jan 24, 2011

Anger Management Issues....

So I got checked out from school today. To be precise, I was in the middle of math when my phone went off. Of course, last semester I was known for my phone ringing a lot too, but thankfully today the sub was out in the hallway and Ryan wasn't as proactive with the teasing today. (Ryan is a kid in my class, not my baby brother.) I open my phone and find that my dad texted me. It said "Hey.. if I pulled you out early today, would that be okay? Ryan is pretty sick. I was thinking at 12." No. It wouldn't be okay. Actually, today was one of those days that I actually WANTED to be in school. I actually WANT to go to Geography. I was almost done with Geometry anyway, but nooooooooooooooooo. I tried reasoning him into pulling Tyler out of class, but he was pretty adamant about pulling me out instead. Tyler's got all this grade crap that worries my dad, so my dad didn't want to pull him out. Pfft. Whatever. Anyway, today after school I was going to see my boyfriend, right? No. Because my dad pulled me out. I wasn't sure whether or not I could call or text my boyfriend either, because he'd have to pay for every text he got, and he has limited minutes, so I was really really worried and I didn't call him. I thought that maybe I could get around that problem by texting Kaylynn but that silly girl wouldn't answer my texts so I was afraid that maybe she didn't get them or didn't get to him in time.

Anyway, I get home with my dad and I pop popcorn because I was really pissed. I didn't care what everyone else thought about me getting into the junk food. If I had to stay home, I'll eat everything. Simple. (I didn't, I'm not that fat.) But anyway, I haven't seen my boyfriend since Friday night when I went out for the movie night with him....and I miss him. I still can't see him like I thought I was, so now I have to wait all day until tomorrow, then all school day tomorrow just to see him. See the title? "Anger Management Issues". This is where, after I popped popcorn, Nacho Libre comes into play. Geez. It's such a stupid movie, yet I finally watched it all the way through because my sick little brother, Ryan, was very insistent. Nacho had some pretty angry moments, and that's how I felt towards my dad for checking me out. Oh well? No. No no no!!! I didn't get to see my friends after school either. Who does he think he is? My Father....oh. Well, Ryan is asleep right now. Shh. So I went outside to walk around to get my angry, jerky wiggles out, and as I'm walking around, my boyfriend calls. (Yay! But sad...cuz he might have to pay for minutes...) I explain to him really quickly what happened...and all he says is "It's fine, see you tomorrow." Makes me feel guilty and sad. All that waiting. ALL THAT WAITING.Whoa......I should look at my grades. I know, that was random. I apologize. I haven't done that since the term started, and I'm scared to see what they are. So I gotta go find out....

Over and Out!

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