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Jan 26, 2011

The Terrifying Realization

So I finally realized something important today. After I received free brown playdough, after I ran 40 sprints on the pacer, I was sitting in my Geometry class, silently loathing the subject to myself, when it hit me. My startling realization sent chilling shivers down my spine with a rocking tremble, and I knew I was screwed for life. You see, it all happened the day before today. Yesterday, if you will. I went into my Geography teacher's classroom and we partied because of our awesome Honors projects. Well. They assigned me to make a game of life for a different country. It was a project that was equivalent to two normal Honors Geography projects. It was a big project. Anyway, the glass-shattering shivers that tripped and stumbled and crashed down my back pulled me back into reality. It was then, that I realized how much homework I had to do. My Geometry teacher assigned me to, sometime during the semester, make a short 3 minute music video for Geometry. Shoot. Me. So along with my Honors Project, I have this, a bunch of small little math homeworks of problems I don't understand, A Book Report for English, (Which I have to do before hand, because I'm going Skiing), and then lastly, write a thank you note to a person for extra credit in Teen Living. How long ago did this semester start? Blarg! Rip my head off and feed it to the dogs why don't ya?!

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy


  1. Dang. I really hate that feeling...It's the WORST!!! When you are all excited to get home, and then you think "DANG IT! I have SO MUCH freaking homework! *#@% homework!!!!" Yeah...Homework can go to hell and boil in oil.

  2. I totally really amazingly agree. It really really sucks!!!!


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