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Jan 31, 2011


So. It's January 31. Last blog post of the month. I should make this good. I guess I could go on and on about how much I freaking love my boyfriend, but I'll save you the pain of reading it. Instead, I'll talk about my utter obsession for 30 Seconds to Mars. (Yes, I'm still very obsessed. Obsessions don't wear off easily.)

So Jared Leto is hot. Yet......he's 39 I've discovered. O.O

*Clears throat* I'm a little worried. He does NOT look 39. More like 28 but whatever, I guess that's his birthday. Gasp! What if he got Botox or something? That's scary. I doubt I'd like him anymore if his beauty was faked. Ewww. I like the natural my bf......*Cough* so anyway, our computer had been moved again into the family room upstairs, so now my brothers can see everything I'm doing, and it's....grr! But they're gone now, which makes me very happy. Yay! Happiness! They're busy with doing stuff. This makes me very happy. <3

I love Jared Leto, but now I'm not so sure. I'm going to have nightmares of him crawling in my bed with an ugly clown face. Eep! I hate clowns! They scare me! Abductions and Drowning also scare me.........eeps. What if he kidnaps me and drowns me with a clown face? A three in one combo. GEEZ that's CREEPY.

Quit thinking of that Mindy, see how hot he is?

Yes, exactly. Love.

Anyway, Happy February First tomorrow! But of course, I wouldn't miss that blog anyway, but still! It's an early wish!

Over and Out,

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