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Jan 12, 2011


So you know those little games you played when you were in sixth or seventh grade? ZAP!!! What you do is you write zap on the back of someone's hand and then an "Expiration date". You write on the palm of their hand a dare that you know they would NEVER do. They aren't allowed to look at their hand read the dare until the expiration date, otherwise they'll have to actually do it. I suggest not making dates a week after you zap them, it's just horrible and it will rub off. No, just do it til the end of the school day or something.

Well anyway, my bestest best friend of all friends, Kaylynn, and I and Jessica, my other bestest best friend of all friends, were playing it, so we all zapped each other, and I had to wait mine out until 1:32:15 AM that morning. It was pretty insane. I didn't look once though, and so I looked at my hand this morning, and I found out it rubbed off with my lotion and when I was sleeping, so...I didn't know what it said until I got to school. Kaylynn finally told me that I had to kiss this eighth grader....uhhhh NO. Thankfully I didn't have to. YAY!!! But It was my crazy Idea to try and zap my bestest best friend of all guyfriends, Brett. Well, he refused to. Absolutely refused to. I guess it makes sense when you see him approach and you suddenly say "GIVE ME YOUR HAND." It sounds pretty suspicious. He was very reluctant and hesitant, but once he found out what I was doing, he refused. You don't refuse such things like that!!! I tried to write "Kiss Jessica in a week" but NO. He only got "Kiss" before he yanked it away. He wasn't suppose to look. I called him a Pantywaist.

pant·y·waist  (pnt-wst)
1. A child's undergarment consisting of a shirt and pants buttoned together at the waist.
2. Slang A boy or man who is considered weak or effeminate.
Teehee. I like slang words in the English language. Yo being my most commonly used. :P Well, after science, and after thinking over my grudge against Brett's horrible disgust towards ZAPS, I finally forgave him halfway through eating lunch. Yeah, lunches aren't very healthy these days. Mozz Sticks and Marinara Sauce with chocolate pudding. (I got veggies though, be proud.) So as Kaylynn, me, and Brett begin to exit the lunchroom, I decided to try and tell Kaylynn about my dream, but it was hopeless because she was talking to Eithan. Well anyway, I was trying to talk to her when Brett surprised me by jumpstarting me! (in case you don't know what that is, it's when a person pokes both sides of your waist/stomach) I got should I put this...freaked out that somewhere in my bodily spazz, I found myself sliding on the lunchroom floor with my knees. Brett claimed it was cool, but it hurt. I hit him. But he hugged me, so it was resolved, and then I showed him the mighty book of comics. He and I would just doodle and draw comics,so I put it in a binder that we can cherish and love. :P 

I had a great lunch, because I love A-days......ah, until I have to walk home with friends. They leave immediately, but I want to stay and just chat with friends and stuff, not leave immediately. Blech. Oh well, I probably might not walk with them that often anymore. I just don't like to. The good part is, it gets me home faster, but I don't really care about that....hmmm....I'm bringing a camera to school sometime.

Anyway, wonder who Kaylynn and Brett are? Visit their own blogs to get a feel for them!!!

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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  1. So....I laughed out loud when I read this. It made me laugh and remember how awesome you guys are....tee hee! That jumpstart was FREAKING AWESOME! You just have to admit it. The pain was worth it. And then I rape hugged you, I believe. Yes, something like that....Oh yes....That day was an eventful day. :)


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