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Jan 21, 2011

Judgments, Stereotypes, and Prejudice

So when you sit in class, learning about history, and thinking back on great events that not only happened in America, but all over the world, you think that most of it is caused by war. The hunger for war that resides in the human being. Not only does war contribute, but in my opinion, social statuses, judgments, prejudice, and stereotypes affect everyday life also.

For example: You walk into a grocery store and see an obese woman shopping in pajamas. What would you automatically think? "Oh, she eats too much McDonalds, stay at home mom, poor, the usual." Yeah, that's what you'd think immediately, don't lie to yourself. Now take a very nerdy looking kid with big glasses, braces, and a pocket protector. "Classical Nerd" is what you'd think. Well what if I tell you that this woman, after getting to know her, is a professional photographer for nature. She has work hours that go way too long for her to count, and so when she can be on her own, she prefers to be comfortable. Would you wear pajamas in public if you were given the chance? Now this nerd you saw walk by, what if I told you he was on a baseball team, with a few B's and a heredity disorder? Would you stop and consider it now?

Appearance isn't everything. Behavior counts. Personality, emotional situations, and manners are the things that really get you inside a person. It's a pet peeve of mine for people to look at me and think, "Oh she looks weird" or "Just a little too hyper for my taste." you never know, I could be jacked up on high exploding sugary candy. (I've been known to do that before.) Like I said before in my teenager post, I wear big shoes, converses, vans, whatever, with skinny jeans, dark eyeliner, and dark hair. Doesn't mean I'm a bad person who swears every sentence and only cares about herself.

What I'm trying to say is, when you have a chance to be in a public place, take a minute and observe your surrounding. I challenge you to look at someone, study their outward behavior and appearance, and say to yourself, "I cannot judge him until I know him." Do not think "Oh dear, emo kid." or "Oh good golly, an annoying cheerleader" because, believe it or not, most cheerleaders are snobby, but there are some really really great people out there that just happen to enjoy wearing or doing something. So make that a goal for 2011. Don't judge.

And don't be prejudice. You've gone too long knowing about our civil rights history for America, but really think about that if you still happen to hold a grudge. Because we're still all one type of people. The Human Being. Ears. Eyes. Brains. Hearts....

Try okay?

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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