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Jan 6, 2011

The Dark Side, Teenagers, and Super Tight Skinny Jeans

So Teenagers. They all go through this "I'm too cool for you" phase. If you think about it, it usually involves violence, rebellion, and going gothic/emo. They think that parents are lame, and that they can't accept anyone that isn't in their little posse. They shut themselves away from the world "because they can" and they never eat breakfast because it's uncool to eat breakfast. Of course, when you look at the whole picture, they're just changing and feeling awkward with that change.

Other Teenagers go through it too, but the goody-goody, religious teenagers avoid dark eyeliner, follow the rules, and say they're going through "depression" to make it sound really cool to their friends. They want to be like everyone else. When really, they're awkwardly shaped, having trouble with looking cool, and have great friends that tell them they're beautiful.

Because I'm feeling irritable right now, I will grudgingly list things I hate about teenagers. It may sound hypocritical at times, especially if you don't know me, so I'll highlight the ones that I am like, that way you get a feel for who I really am.

  1. They think they're too cool
  2. They have a posse you can't join unless you look just like them
  3. A "bad boy" reputation is important to them
  4. They wear REALLY super tight skinny jeans
  5. They are very loud class clowns
  6. They are overly-perverted
  7. They have a million bajillion friends, then say they barely have any
  8. They never eat breakfast to look cool
  9. They gossip about other people
  10. They are self conscious about themselves BECAUSE of the gossip
  11. They cluster in the middle of the freaking hall
  12. They want to look cool by SCREECHING in the halls *Bangs head angrily*
  13. Coming to school in Pj's are awesome to them
  14. They don't go into the lunchroom because it's LAME
  15. They don't like being called beautiful, but tell everyone else they're beautiful
  16. They say something they don't really mean
  17. They have more important friends to talk to other than you
  18. You can never find them because they hide from you
  19. They eat junk from the vendings, then say they are fat
  20. They always slam themselves about something
  21. They always judge before they meet
  22. They complain about reading
  23. They complain about school
  24. They make a big deal about smells in the hall
  25. They talk back to the teachers
Twenty Five things I hate about teenagers,  four are highlighted because that is me. I have the biggest pet peeves when it comes to numbers 7, 16, 21, and 25. Stupids. But, that's life and you can't change it. You'll always have to work your way up to the top, or stay put at a nice place with good friends. Oh well. Anyway, the real reason I brought this up, is because I wanted to express to you how I feel about how people look at teenagers, and judge them.

  1. Hormones. That is the biggest, most annoying assumption adults or others give teenagers, and it bugs me. So I don't want to smile today. Parents blame my moody teenage hormones. Whatever 'rents. 
  2. They always think we're stupid and don't know what we're talking about. Yeah, thanks for the encouragement adults.
  3. Laziness is expected, and laziness is what they get when they expect it. "Don't be lazy about this" Well, now they'll be lazy. Duh.
  4. "You should eat three meals each day" Yeah, well, we're not hungry all the time, every time, so lay off.
  5. Everybody is doing the eyeliner, hot clothes, skinny jeans, big shoes, etc. Parents say "No." Why do you think they say no? Because either a) they're lost in the past and find the style unattractive or b) they want to "protect" you. Wow. Okay, no. You can't protect us by taking away our rights to be what we want to be. 
  6. Eyeliner is one of my biggest pet peeves. Makeup. They don't want you to wear dark eyeliner that's thick. Why? ..... I don't know why. To protect you? Pfft. Nice excuse. Just let us do it. 
 So you understand why I feel how I feel? Yeah, we're seen as little devils, annoying teenagers that will eat you out of house and home. Alright, that boosts our self confidence. I'll just go mope now. That sort of thing will be an adult's guide to failure, so let us be who we want to be. Contain us only so we won't get in big trouble, and that is fine.


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