Hey. I'm amazed you've stopped to take a peak! I'm sorry to say that my blog is full of negative, atrociously positive, philosophical, or otherwise stupid posts concerning my thoughts, feelings, and every day life. But what the hell! If you think it's great, then I think you're great. Got it?

Jan 31, 2011


So I changed my blog. Yay! I was way bored so I kept the blue, but I didn't like the lips or anything and I saw all kinds of pictures for titles, so I got jealous and tried to do it....

I failed, considering how gigantic that picture is. I'll figure it out, until then, BOO that picture must scare you!!! Hahahaah suckers. I scared you!

Never mind. I fixed it to something I really really like. Thanks guys for sticking with me!

<3 Mindy


  1. No way! I had this background a while back....I REALLY like the colors! It's awesome! might want to do something about the pictures. I just about peed my pants. :) Jk...they're fine. You is awesome, Mindy!

  2. Heheheeheheh Thanks. I'm pretty scary.


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