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Jan 9, 2011

Technology Filled Weekend

Great plots and story lines are forming in my head, all thanks to Eve Online. My uncle showed it to me this weekend while he was here babysitting. My parents went to Vegas, so they stopped by and stayed with us for Saturday and today. We learned Poker, Egyptian Rat Screw, and Halo Reach. Haa. The boys had fun beating up my uncle with their nerf swords, and I cooked all the meals this weekend....bwahahah which means NO DISHESSSS!!!! for me at least. BWAHAHAH. I loathe dishes.

So anyway, I still haven't started on my first plot line short story, and I'm sort of bummed out because I don't know how to do a really cool suppliant-persecutor thing. I looked up the words, but I still don't know what I'm suppose to do with a humble prayer and a taunter. Help maybe? To whoever might be reading? I don't care though, no one reads this, and this is just a way to get my life into words. It's like a journal. I can't stand to write in a regular journal every night before I go to bed, so I do it on the computer, on a blog, or to my cousin. My cousin's really awesome! She's so pretty and I won't tell you her name because I don't want to like...give away her identity without her knowing first. My brothers don't care, so it was all good with that big long post.

I've been thinking. Our world is so full of technology. Just like I mentioned up there, our lives are being put onto the computer. I was watching True Life with my Aunt yesterday, and these people had so many problems with their facebook or laptops or phones. They couldn't stop texting. I figured that people should learn to disconnect from the world and learn to live peacefully like real humans should. That's why we're getting so fat, not just because of the fast food. In fact, everyone's bringing out more healthy foods on the Food network and things like that, but it's being on our lazy butts all day that gets us fat. I agree, I have a slight problem with that too. BUT I'm going outside to play in the snow soon after I get my thoughts down on paper--i mean computer. Shoot. That's what I mean.

Oh well, I don't play games on the computer. I read things, type, and write. A little bit of Facebook here and there, but that's pretty much it. OH. I almost forgot! I do listen to MUSIC because I have RMS but yeah, you can't expect anything less from me.

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy

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  1. So basically....I love your blog. A whole lot! It makes me laugh, because I can hear you talking when I read your stuff....Anywho! So...yes. Cheese-poo.


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