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Jan 30, 2011


No, we didn't have any booze, but you could never know. Nah, we (meaning my friends, BF, and I) all partied it up last night in my basement downstairs. I freaking love Saturday nights. So to highlight the night, my BF came over very first. Here is the situation:

Brett was suppose to come over around 3:30 and help me make cookies for the party, since he was my co-party-planner, and my BF just wanted to come over because he can. So anyway, I was playing this cool little Sim City game when he calls me and we talk and then he said that he's coming over soon, and I said cool, he'll be the first if Brett doesn't beat him. Well, while he takes him time coming over, Brett hasn't showed up, so I call just to remind him. His awesome mother answers and tells me that he's sick. O.O

SiCk?!?!? NOOOOO!!! I was so sad! Because we wouldn't see him! So I tell her to have Brett call me back and everything when he wakes up, because he was asleep. So my BF gets here and I'm in the middle of making cookies, and he helps me out and helps me set up for the party. We hang out in my room until Drew comes, let in by my brothers and sentenced downstairs, and then Kaeli texts me and says she's on her way. Hoorah! So before Kaeli shows up, Maddy shows up! YAY!!! So then that'! Yay! (Including myself) and then finally Kaylynn shows up. But Brett isn't here, because before Drew came, Brett called me back and told me he slept and woke up at the wrong time so he needed to shower and he'd be here in half an hour, but it's an hour now, and Kaylynn comes, and she said she'll call Brett. She does.....and Brett calls in sick again. So no Brett for us, which makes me very very sad because he's my co-planner. But it's not just that. Brett and I are like.....way good friends, and without the other at a party, it's pretty clear that one of us will be desperately sad to not have the other, despite all the others here. It really put a dent in my spirits last night.

But of course, it was still a party, everyone else was there, and we had fun. I almost had everyone participate in a ten minute memorial for what me and Kaylynn would do for him at lunch time......but we didn't, everyone was so restless from sitting and watching a movie. I'm getting ahead of myself though.


I'm blogging what's happened for Brett, so that he can have reading it? I don't know, but Brett, I know you're reading this, and I love you. So here it goes:

Once everyone got here, we put in Disturbia. Thank goodness my bf brought it, otherwise we'd have to settle for one of my stupid disney movies, which he hates desperately. But anyway, I'm sad though, because Brett said he'd bring Penelope, but he didn't. Awwwww. Oh well, so we put that in and we all settled down with our "couples" (Maddy and Drew, Me and Bf, and.....well.....Kaylynn and Kaeli were alone.) But Maddy and Drew aren't a couple, they were just a little "Movie couple" for that night. Brindy and Julian were their nicknames.....Brindy came from my name and my Bf's name put together......ha......well anyway, Julian is a girl's name into a boy's name and that's Drew's butt's name. My butt's name is Harriet, Kaylynn's is Paulette, Maddy's is Georgette, My BF's is Marley, Kaeli's butt is Juanita, and.....Brett? Your butt's name is Kale. Sorry, but we named him for you. Kale was the main character's name in Disturbia.....tee hee. Now it's your butt's name. Anyway, so we watch Disturbia and we screamed a lot towards the end, then we made a family out of us. Me and my Bf were Mom and Dad. Brindy (Maddy) was our youngest, "Special" daughter. Amelia (Kaylynn) and Alice (Kaeli) were adopted, and Julian (Drew) was the random BF to Brindy. So Alice asks mom and dad where babies come from, and dad explains that there is a special cabbage garden, and each cabbage we pick out will soon sprout into a baby. (Cabbage Patch Kids >.<) Well, Amelia comments that she definitely doesn't want to be in the cabbage garden while we're picking. :P silly Amelia. That's a "That's what she said" joke within itself. Sorry Brett....this would have been so difficult for you if you were here.

But anyway, after that which had happened, we decided to put Star Dust in, but no one paid attention to it. Kaylynn got a call from her dad's girlfriend, and we sat away from the others while she talked. In fact, "sit" isn't even a correct term. We were moving around in circles on our knees....So when she was done with the call, I look at her and we suddenly both take off running on our knees to get to the tv room. It was very demented and funny. Then suddenly everyone wanted to have knee races, and so we had that which was suggested. The knee races brought my curious brothers downstairs and they witnessed Drew's epic slide into the playhouse under the stairs. Heh. It was delicious. But anyway, Ryan (Little six year old brother) came in and brought out his epic nerf sword and hit someone (Can't remember) with it, and I demanded a sword to face off with him. Three more nerf swords come, and it turns into a bloody brother battle of courage. Everyone fought everyone.  Drew and my BF faced off, then me and him, then Maddy and Drew, then three people, then four, then a battle of the kids while the Monarchy (me and Bf) watched. Ha. It was great.

After a while, the boys went to bed and we all settled down against the wall, not even on the couches in the TV room, and....well....I don't know whow this happened, but it went from high energy sword fighting to deep confession night. Don't worry, nothing will be revealed on the internet. I'm way too respectful for that. Brett, ask us in private if you're curious.

After that, everyone had to go home.


Over and Out....

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  1. Yes! I have now read it! Stupid fever...I WAS SO EXCITED TO COME!!! Darg. Life again some how happens to be as inconvenient as possible. Bleh. Oh well, I'm glad you guys had a fabulous time! :D


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