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Jan 5, 2011

A Ticket, A Planeride, A Vacation

So I'm really excited.Why you ask? Well, I babysit these two amazing children for this amazingly awesome family. They pay well, I won't tell you how much, because I'm respectful like that, but they just do. Kk?! Well anyway, these people are freaking amazing, because they have a yearly trip to Hawaii I believe it is. They went all decked out this Christmas, like a new X-Box Kinect, a hot new car, an iPad, a new gun, an expensive golf set, I mean, they had it all. On top of that, Hawaii in February. Ohhhh you've been waiting long enough.

They might bring me along. *Silent shriek in head* So I can babysit, but I mean, Hawaii. Come on baby!!! Of course I'll accept. It's not written officially, so I may or may not go, depending on some key things, but if I do, I'm hitting the road. Say Salem to my family, HAHA! I'm off. It'd be great, because I've never been to Hawaii before. I want to go to their beaches, their warm warm warm warm climate, not this cold, yucky, gross snow here in Utah. Blech. I can't wait already. Why am I telling you this? Well! I have no real reason too. Gutenacht!


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