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Jan 25, 2011

Nosy Parents....Beach Parties in London.....Life can't get anymore suckish

"Did you kiss him?" "French kiss?" "Anything bad happening?" "He's SIXTEEN?!?!" "Lord Help us, our daughter's dating!"

Well Blarg you. So. This is how you want me to spend my teenage years. Your little heads buried in my physical relationship with my boyfriend. Hmm....not very appealing to Mindy. Sure, you guys want to be protective, but I'm not going to tell you every single little thing. Texts: "Where are you?" "Are you with friends?" "Don't worry, I won't bug you" "One last thing: Are you with him?" "When are you coming home?" All in the matter of thirty minutes after school lets out. Annoying? I think so. I don't want to look like some girl addicted to texting in front of my boyfriend. How lame is that? It's bad enough he knows I'm freaking obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars. So Why? WHYYYYY??!! How does he feel about this? My parents all up in our business? Does he want privacy? I assure you he does, and so do I. Darn it parents for making me promise to tell you things. I shouldn't have, but what could I have said?

"Mindy, you need to tell us everything big that happens if I'm to let you date."

"No! I refuse!"

"BLARGGGG you aren't dating anymore! I sentence you to your room!"


So you see why I cannot risk such a thing? It was either accept it, or watch my social life plummet. Which would you prefer? I prefer to have the chance to date and tell my parents if I've "french kissed" than not date at all. In fact, if I truly must tell them everything that goes on between me and him, then so be it, but I may not be telling the truth 24/7. Just saying. In fact, I might just avoid talking to them all together. Ignore their texts. Ignore their calls. Come inside and ignore their yelling-- haa.....that's weird. Wait. Wait wait wait! I'm a teenager. I'm suppose to develop my independence. I can't rely on mommy and daddy anymore. Fifteen is a good age to begin. I want to be different, unique. Sixteen is too cliche. Seventeen and Eighteen are too old. What better time, than fifteen? Ha. Genius. But that doesn't mean I'm going to get SERIOUS. It means I'm going to try new things and not rely on my parents to be my walker. Time to take the training wheels off. Time to be a woman. It may be difficult though, what with my parents feeling betrayed and angered at me. Oh well, they'll have to deal with it. Because guess what? I'll find a way around it. If they want me to be a depressed, heavy-metal-listening teenager, so be it, I will. Bwahaha!

Or I can be happy and then they can be happy. Their choice.

I guess I should also talk about Beach Parties in London. So.....I love Potter Puppet Pals, (On youtube, look them up) and I want to dwell on the idea of "Beach Parties in London." First of all, isn't it too cold? I mean....the grey ocean lapping at a rocky cliff doesn't sound as appealing as California or Hawaii. (>.<) Also, Beach parties should include college students high on booze. That would make a great party. Maybe a girl in beauty school giving free hair cuts, and a fat man who needs to wax. Yes, that would be pretty spectacular. Maybe throw London sand down somebody's trunks and yell "KOWABUNGA" while flying off a hundred foot cliff of insanity! Haa! I love that book! The Princess Bride. <3 "The Cliffs of Insanity". Good book. Good Movie. Good story plot. Wait! I was talking about Beach Parties in London. Haa....anyway. Yes. Have a man who says "My name is Black, but you may call me mister." Have a woman with a one piece swim suit and purple hair with Botox. Yay!

Anyway,  I should stop wasting your fantastic time.

Over and Out!
<3 Mindy


  1. OH MY FREAKING HECK!!! HOW ARE YOU SO DARN FUNNY?????? Darg, I am so jealous of your amazing writing skills....You're so clever, and I pity myself for having such pathetic writing.... :P Oh well, I'm sorry for your pain....I fear one day my parents might figure out, and by then I think I'd rather be dead... :( Hope you get feeling better! You are the BOMB.COM!!!


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